Other Services

At Ward McCampbell, PC, we focus on serving the accounting and financial planning needs of our diverse clientele. We believe that, with careful planning, you can overcome any financial obstacle. Our experienced and versatile staff can help you to assess your financial needs and develop a plan to achieve financial security and face any challenge life brings. From detailed accounting to investment review and analysis to education, retirement, and estate planning services, we can help you to achieve your goals.

Personal Bakruptcy Services

Whether because of overwhelming medical expenses, devastating job loss, or other financial catastrophe, sometimes the last resort of personal bankruptcy is your only remaining option. We understand, and can help you navigate what can be a frightening and difficult process. The experienced advisors at Ward McCampbell, PC provide clear-sighted, sensitive advice, identifying and recommending any possible alternatives, helping you to understand your options, guiding you through the maze of financial, credit, and tax implications that arise, and protecting your interests in the short and long term. You do not have to face this alone – we can help.